I’ll just get right into it!

Has this pregnancy been different than the first? Yes. It’s been in ways harder because I have a busy toddler and she doesn’t understand that mommy just doesn’t feel good or is so tired. So that upsets me because I feel like I’m kind of letting her down. But after the first few rough weeks she kind of understood and instead of asking me to chase her, she would ask me to come sit and play. Sweetest girl!

Have you been as sick? If you followed me the last time, you would have known I was extremely sick with Ellie. It was awful. I was so terrified of that happening again so I wanted to do things differently this time. My doctor recommended that I start taking vitamin b6 and using magnesium oil everyday (this was about a year ago) because I was super deficient in a lot of vitamins and that can trigger morning sickness. So I started those things since I knew eventually we would have another and my doctor said that the more time I can build up my vitamin intake. The better.

Also this time I ate. Even when I felt so crappy, I’d snack on cheese and crackers or have peanut butter toast. With Ellie, I hardly ate. It sounds terrible but I just didn’t know how much eating small things early on would help.

So with those two things I think it really took the edge off my all day sickness. From 6-9 weeks I was pretty miserable. And not much could help, but I could still semi function. I made sure to keep taking the b6 and magnesium oil.

Food aversions and sensitivity to smells is definitely a big trigger into how I felt. So I tried to eat things very bland and cooking food was a nightmare.

9 weeks to now I have my days, some are better than others. But I still don’t feel “normal” and I’m waiting on that second trimester!

Food Aversions: vegetables, especially cooked. They smell terrible, beef is awful, anything strong. Oranges and anything citrus makes me so nauseous.

Cravings: I don’t crave things too much, I just prefer certain foods. Panera bagels and cream cheese saved me those first few weeks, strawberries and blueberries, crackers and cheese, and peanut butter.

Other symptoms: Very fatigue, moody, breakouts ( my skin is AWFUL), constant stuffy nose, back pain, and bloating.

All in all the first trimester, not much goes on except sickness and extreme fatigue. The first trimester is all about survival. So even being a working mom, I tried my best to rest when I could. But I’m really hoping I get a little more energy and less sickness soon.