25 weeks

Baby is as big as a cauliflower

And is 1.46 pounds and 13.5 inches

Why is time flying by so fast and who can make it slow down, just a little bit??

My updates have been pretty few this time around just because it is no joke at all when they say the second pregnancy is different than the first.
For me it is pretty similar but the biggest difference is I have little time to sit down at my computer, okay I’m not being honest, I have a little time in the evening but that time is spent sleeping. I’m always just so EXHAUSTED. Between working full time and having a toddler. All while trying to keep a house in one piece…really doesn’t seem like a lot but when you are growing a human. It’s draining.
Thankfully my husband has been wonderful and takes on the kitchen duties because dealing with dirty dishes makes me gag. He’s been amazing at keeping up with that and it helps a lot.
Ellie has become my little helper as well. She will help me do laundry, vacuum, clean her room, and other little things here and there. The other day we were upstairs and she just started putting things away (in random places) and I asked her what she was doing and she said “I need to clean!” haha oh let’s just hope she feels that way in a few years when she has real chores.

The closer the day gets, the more excited we all get about meeting this little guy. I constantly think about who will he look like? Will he have blonde hair and blue eyes like his sissy or will we get a little red head?!
Will he be relaxed and chill, like his daddy? (let’s hope!) Will he be into sports when he grows up? Or be more musically inclined? I have so many questions!
But one thing I know for sure is that he is so loved and he will never have to question who truly loves him.



How far along are you? 25 weeks


Weight Gain: +10…I’ve been slow at gaining weight this time around. But I’m not going to complain!

“I thought you were pregnant, but you’re so little I couldn’t tell, until you stood up”

“I can finally tell you’re pregnant!”
“You look tired” – Really? I had NO idea…
“Wow you have really popped, no hiding that belly now” – Again, really? No idea…

Fears: Ellie not adjusting well. She is such a good girl that I just fear it’ll turn her world upside down so much that she won’t handle it well. Which I don’t know where that fear comes from. Because she adores babies and gets SO excited when we talk about her baby brother. She is constantly kissing my belly and saying “I love you baby Warren”…and cue tears because she is just the sweetest big sister already. I know she is only two and won’t fully understand there will be a new baby until he’s actually here. But she acts like she already gets it.

General mood: Irritable. I have ZERO patience for anything or anyone.

Sleep: It’s been okay. I haven’t gotten to uncomfortable yet. Expect when I find a toddler has found her way in our bed in the middle of the night and I’ll be getting kicked in the back my her and kicks in my belly at the same time.

Things I was surprised by: How similar this pregnancy is to my first. Just a few days ago I started getting pretty bad cramps and just didn’t feel well. I decided to see what was going on around this time last pregnancy and I wrote the SAME thing…I think that is so crazy.
Around 16 weeks when we found out what we were having, I was told my placenta was in the front and that I wouldn’t feel kicks until about 26 weeks. But I have been feeling kicks ever since around 15 weeks and they have only gotten stronger. Especially those ninja kicks to my bladder.

Things I am most looking forward to: Starting this little one’s registry. Poor thing already has second child syndrome. I’m so behind on EVERYTHING! We may have decided on his nursery theme. But (call us crazy) we are in the process of hopefully moving before he comes. So everything we have bought is currently in a  box.

What I think is really cool and crazy:  As I previously noted, how similar my two pregnancies are. In the beginning they were a little different. I wasn’t as deathly ill this time, but I also knew what to do to feel somewhat better. Eat, eat, eat…which I didn’t know that would help me the first time. Also I tend to like the same foods as I did before.  It is also crazy that I am now over halfway done and a lot of stress is setting in.

Food Aversions:  I hate broccoli and cauliflower. They both just taste like straight garbage to me (as if I know what that tastes like…) anything fermented seems to just make me nauseous (again as if I eat a lot of things like sauerkraut..) I can’t deal with citrus fruits. The smell is awful. Chocolate-anytime I eat it, I get horrible heartburn. I’m putting coffee on this list because I don’t like it, but I do force myself to drink it now that I’m not as sick because…I have a toddler. No need to explain anymore….

Food Cravings: Vanilla milkshakes are something I really like, but have only had two so far. I prefer anything that’s on the colder and lighter side. Sandwiches, salads (with no dressing because I hate it), and really cold water. I don’t really have any strong cravings though. Food just isn’t appealing but I eat because I will start to get sick if I don’t. Looks like once again I won’t fully get rid of my morning sickness.

Maternity Clothes:  Uhhh DUH! I am in no way going to be uncomfortable this time around. Yeah I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans but you best believe they will not be finding their way on me this time around. I’m all about comfort. I have quite a few pairs of maternity leggings/pants from Isabel Maternity from Target. SO comfortable.

Gender:  A sweet baby boy!