Warren Grey Cheek


On July 24th at 11:11 am, our wish came true.

Our baby boy entered this world weighing 7lbs 6.3oz and 19.5 inches long. 

Perfection doesn’t even begin to describe this little boy 💙

Where to start? My whole pregnancy I wanted to go into labor on my own. With my first baby, I didn’t. I was induced with her so I never got that experience. I also wanted to have a more natural labor since the first time I had pain medicine through an IV and an epidural. Even though that scared me because I didn’t know what to expect. But I just knew that’s what I wanted. 

Around 37-38 weeks my belly was measuring a lot smaller than “normal” so I had to get an ultrasound done to check his growth and fluid levels. After that appointment the doctor called me a few hours later and said my fluid was almost to the dangerously low side and that I needed to come to the hospital right away to do a NST and another ultrasound. That was a scary day because they talked about inducing me and I just didn’t want to be induced. Thankfully they let me go home and see if I could get my fluid levels up. Also they said he was going to be a “really small” baby and thought he might have stopped growing. So I was referred to a high risk ultrasound doctor to do a more thorough check. Thankfully my levels went up and he was showing growth from the last ultrasound. The doctors decided that at 40 weeks they would decide whether to induce me or not. I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I almost wanted to be induced so I could stop stressing. At my 40 week appointment and ultrasound my fluid levels looked good and so did he. They decided it was best not to induce and to let him keep cooking until he decides to come or to induce the next week. Through all the stress about him I always had a feeling that he is fine and I wanted them to just leave him and I alone. I felt relieved but I was just so miserable still. I took that whole weekend to just rest and relax…Little did I know what Monday and Tuesday would bring. 

I woke up Monday morning actually feeling okay. But by the afternoon I felt so exhausted and just didn’t feel good. I scheduled a mani/pedi for Ellie and I because I wanted my nails and toenails painted before his arrival. Before we were leaving I told Ellie that mommy just didn’t feel good and to be an extra good girl, she said “your belly?” And I said yes, so she said “Come our baby Warren!!” Typically she’s nice and sweet about telling him to come out but not the day…

At the appointment I started to feel some contractions but I have been having contractions for weeks so I didn’t think much of it. 

That evening I really didn’t have an appetite and I noticed my contractions were getting crampy and were coming off and on. But then they stopped after we took Ellie on a walk. After her bath I felt them a little stronger and kept coming. Still didn’t think much of it. Around 10:30 I decided to just go to bed. But only to wake up to the contractions coming on nonstop. So from 11:30-3:30 am I labored at home with contractions about 3-4 minutes apart. We decided to head to the hospital after Caleb’s Mom arrived to watch Ellie. I went upstairs kissed Ellie and cried. My “baby” was about to become a big sister. I was excited, nervous, and scared out of my mind because it just felt surreal. We knew we were going to meet our baby soon! 

Once at the hospital they needed to see if I would show any change in dilation so Caleb and I walked the halls for about an hour or so and I dilated to a 5. I was so proud of myself that I was actually dilating on my own. So we got admitted and I knew I wanted to be in the tub. Our hospital was amazing and they had a diffuser set up so I diffused lavender to feel as calm as possible. And peppermint to help ease my nausea. I labored in the tub for a few hours, until I was just to uncomfortable. I had my sister in law and Caleb with me. My sister in law is someone I knew I wanted by my side because she’s one of the strongest women I know. She’s had four babies all natural and two at home. So I knew she would be able to help me through. As soon as I got out of the tub my contractions were very strong and close together, I could barely make it to my room. After I got to my room, they checked me and I was a 7. This is the part that is pretty much a blur to me because things escalated pretty quickly. I was in so much pain so I asked for the epidural. At that point they moved me to the bathroom to pee before I got the epidural. Well sitting there I all of the sudden felt so much pressure and felt like I needed to push. In just a matter of minutes I went from 7cm to 10cm and was ready to push. No one told me directly but there was no time for the epidural and in my hazy state of mind I freaked out. How was I supposed to push a baby out with nothing. Pushing for me is never easy. I absolutely hate it but I was determined because it was the only thing that gave me relief from the pain. I’m so thankful for my support team and most importantly Caleb, because out of everyone talking there, his voice was the only voice I really heard and he kept me going. Forty minutes later at 11:11 am, a tiny little cry filled the room and our Warren Grey made his arrival. I couldn’t help but reach for my boy and hold him as quickly as possible. It felt so surreal to be holding our son. As soon as he heard me talk to him he just stopped crying and looked up to me. I didn’t know it was even possible but my heart grew so much that day and I’m so in love with him.


God knew our hearts needed you Warren and you complete our family 💙


I am so happy that one of my best friends and sister in law grabbed my camera. I didn’t know if I wanted any photos, but I’m so glad they captured these first moments with him. And I want to remember all of his tiny newborn features.