Month: February 2019

Little Spoon

  Introducing baby to foods is such a fun time. It’s one of my favorites because you get to let your baby discover new flavors and textures, it’s a whole new world for them. Not to mention all the cute faces they make when they try new foods.

I have always felt that the first foods a baby tries sets up their tastesbuds for years to come. We waited until Warren was 6 months before starting any foods and for the signs. Baby’s signs they’re ready for food are they’re interested in what you’re eating, can sit up, and their tongue reflex has disappeared(instead of pushing out foods they keep it in their mouth).

I definitely prefer foods that are all natural and organic. But I’m not a mom who does baby led weaning this early. Honestly, it scares me. I know babies need to learn how to chew but this early on my fear of choking is at an all time high. So I stick with purées and add textures to those. Typically I mash up foods for Warren because I’m not into buying baby food jars since most of them are highly processed. I do buy some pouches here and there because the ingredients to me aren’t as processed. But I was in search of baby food that was not only convenient but all organic. So I was so excited to try LittleSpoon for Warren. Their company is everything I look for in baby food. They have about 80 all organic ingredients that they use in their blends. They’re dedicated to baby’s growth and development, and each blend is crafted to be full of nutrition. And the best part? It’s delivered right to your door!

Warren is already a picky eater but every container he has loved! I love it because it just seems so fresh and like homemade baby food. I do love there is a variety of textures to help baby learn to chew and discover new textures.

Big sissy loves to help feed him and I love that each container comes with a spoon. It’s so important that babies learn to eat with utensils!

What Is A Mucocele??


This is something that I haven’t talked much about because well we’ve been just trying to figure out the best decision. Almost two months we discovered a small bump in Warren’s mouth on his right cheek. It quickly became big and I started to get concerned. It looked like a blister but of course I’ve never seen anything like it before.  So I quickly made an appointment with his doctor and she said it was most likely a mucocele but referred him to an ENT Specialist. So off we went…


You see, we as adults get mucoceles but they tend to go away since we have teeth and can pop them. Obviously there are cases where they don’t go away and do have to be removed. Mucocele are fluid/mucous filled cysts. They are harmless just can be annoying. Warren’s is on his right cheek and he used to push it out a lot more than but lately he hasn’t. We aren’t 100% sure how he got it but I feel like he may have cut his cheek with his nails and it formed a little blister. And because he’s a baby, he just started to mess with it and it got bigger.

At the specialist she looked at it and said it was indeed a mucocele and told us our options. But said he would need to have surgery. My heart sank. I just didn’t feel right about surgery. So over the next few days I battled with my feelings and started to do my own research. I was in contact with a couple different people and they mentioned taking him to a pediatric dentist. Which made perfect sense! Well the only thing they did there was look at it, say the same thing we knew and referred him to an oral surgeon. Still hopeful that we would get someone to help and maybe they could do something for him instead of surgery.

Well at the appointment it didn’t go well. The doctor barely looked at his mouth and quickly said surgery. Didn’t say anything they could do instead. I felt so uneasy the whole time we were there. I wanted to tell Caleb the moment we walked in that office that I wanted to leave. The surgeon said we would hear from them the next day and then the hospital would call us by the end of the week.  We left there and I just felt weird. I didn’t like the doctor and nothing seemed right. We decided to not go through with the surgery with that doctor. But get this…we have NEVER heard back from that surgeon or the hospital.

I literally felt so lost. Because everywhere we went I just felt like no one truly cared for his safety. Like no one explained the risks of surgery to us and no one seemed to put his safety first. And no one offered advice on what we could do for him instead.

I have just been following my mom gut the whole time about it.

I finally got some advice from a well known pediatrician in my area. He took one look at him and said he would never recommend surgery on him this young for that. Since it isn’t effecting him negatively in anyway. There is absolutely no reason to do surgery at this point. He put Warren’s safety first and I felt a wave of relief. The pediatrician also said that it might not go away…but also it might go away. Although the chances of it going away on it’s own are slim, I’m still hanging onto that hope and having faith that it will.

So we have just been monitoring it and him to see if there are any changes that effect him negatively but so far nothing has. And it has gotten smaller over the last few weeks.

At his 6 month well check his pediatrician got to see him and she said everything that the other pediatrician said. She also doesn’t feel the need to do surgery anytime soon. I wish we would have gotten that advice sooner. But going through everything we did just makes me feel even more confident that we are making the best decision for him.


I’ll definitely keep updating if there are any changes. I’m thankfully that he is a very healthy little boy.

But for now, pray along with us that it just heals itself.




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