The last few months, Warren has been so sensitive to every diaper. Even brands I used in the past he just had a constant rash. So I would try to let him just air out, tried different creams and even tried all natural diapers. I was religious about using Honest with Ellie because she had a reaction to every other brand. So I tried it for Warren and it made his rash worse.

I stumbled across a brand that uses Bamboo in their diapers and wipes. Cutie Pea makes Eco hypoallergenic diapers and wipes. I immediately had to try them because nothing else was working.

Game changer. Seriously. After a week of using the diapers and wipes he hasn’t had a rash since!

And let me tell you these diapers are SO soft and so absorbent! I find that we don’t go through them as fast as other brands.

I never knew I would care so much about something as simple as a diaper. But when it comes to my babies, I’m very cautious of everything. I stay away from products that have added chemicals and fragrances. I have always found anything with those to be irritating to my babies’ delicate skin.

Cutie Pea is dedicated to making diapers and wipes that are not only safe for your baby but also durable while being so soft and comfortable.