When you have a baby, you always look forward to those first moments. Their first smile, first giggle, first tooth, first steps, etc. Those are such special moments and they seem to happen so fast and before you know it you’re looking forward to the next “first.”

But what about the “last moments?” To me, those moments are even more special but also so hard because you never really know when the “last moment” is, until it has already happened. 

Like, the last time you will feel those little kicks in your belly or those tiny hiccups. Because before you know it those tiny little kicks become pitter patter footsteps that you’ll hear running through the house. 

The last time you and your whole family anticipates the news on whether it’s a girl or boy. 

The last time you’ll feel swollen everywhere and can’t seem to catch your breath. 

The last time you’ll anxiously await the arrival of your sweet baby. And the last time you will hold your newborn and take in that fresh newborn baby smell because one day they won’t have that smell and you never know when it will happen, it just does. 

The last time you rock your baby to sleep while softly singing their favorite lullaby. And suddenly you’re kissing them goodnight as they get into into their bed and go to sleep, all by their self. 

The last time they’ll wear a tiny newborn outfit, and before you know it. They’re getting dressed all by themselves. 

The last time you’ll feed your baby, because in a blink they’ll say “I can do it myself.” 

The last time they babble to communicate, and all of the sudden are talking in full sentences. 

The last time a teeny tiny little hand holds yours for help to walk, one day let’s go because you have given them the courage to let go and can now walk on their own. 

The last time you look at your baby, and your baby is no longer a baby anymore but a kid. They lost their baby look. 

One thing is for sure, those last moments will be sweet memories as well. And those moments teach us as parents to enjoy every moment we have with our children. 

I may not have older kids as mine are still little but going from the baby phase to toddler, there has already been so many last moments. When I look at my daughter, I no longer see a baby but a little girl. And I know one day I’m going to look at her and she will be a teenager and then I’ll blink and she’ll be an adult. 

So don’t blink too fast. Don’t rush through phases, even if it’s a hard phase. 

Let them be little, say yes more and hold them until they decide to let go.